Do inbound links from Wikipedia help your site’s pagerank or is the no follow thing true?

I’ve seen conflicting views on this topic with some saying Wikipedia links are beneficial and others saying that Wikipedia links are all no follow and don’t help pagerank. I’m just looking for clarification. Thanks

Page rank is a view of how popular a website is to the search engines based on the amount of incoming links from other sites.

When you see a site using the nofollow tags it’s simply telling the search engines not to follow that link since they cant, or don’t want to, vouch for it. If they didn’t use the nofollow tag they would be telling the search engine to take some of that pages link juice and give it to the page they are linked to. Since Wikipedia wants to keep their page rank as high as possible they use the nofollow tag to keep the link love on their sites pages to ensure they help their page rank.

Even though you may not be getting link juice from the backlink you have at Wikipedia it’s still one of the most popular sites viewed online. So even though the search engines don’t count it as a backlink to your site it’s still a link on a very popular site that can bring you lots of targeted traffic.

So i a nutshell no, inbound links from Wikipedia DO NOT help your site’s page rank but it’s still a link that, depending on the site (Wikipedia), can bring loads of targeted traffic.

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